Authorship Rules 

Authorship Rules previously voted 

General Architecture (Transposed from CESAME)

  • Author(A)1, A2, (+/- A3, A4 when additional external expertise is needed) ; 
  • 6 authors from the SC (not already at a better position in the byline) 
    • Consecutive blocks of 6 by alphabetic order when the first draft of each article is finalized
    • Required committment for reviewing the draft and proposing when necessary alternative rephrasing
  • Rotation of the 4 physicians of the Executive Committee (EC) 
  • Last author
  • for the I-CARE Study Group: 
  • i.e. 13 to 15 authors  
  • Author (A)1, A2, (+/- A3, A4) and last author = Executive scientific team of the project

Authorship Rules final modalities

  • 1 author per participating country and each country designates its representative
  • Order of signature:  decreasing number of included patients 
  • 15  authors in the middlle of the list of byline authors 

1.Lymphoma in IBD / 2.Colorectal cancer and IBD treatments/ 3.Severe infection in IBD 

4.Impact of biologics based strategies on the natural history of IBD and their potential for disease modification

  • Rotation of 6 Nat Coord per major paper 
  • Order of country signature: decreasing number of included patients

What about a fifth ‘major’ paper on  « All Cancers », which would allow each country to sign two times in the byline authors (6 x 5 = 30 = 2 x 15)? 

  • Same rules than major papers

  • Proposed name: « The I-CARE collaborator group » 
  • Designation: First name Last name, hospital, university affiliation, city and country
Example: Laurent Beaugerie, Saint-Antoine Hospital, Sorbonne University, Paris France
  • Organized by heading : 
"National Coordinator",   "Investigators Contributors", "Methodologists", "Coding Group", "Getaid Contributors", "Patients interaction contributors = SANOIA" , "Study Coordinators" etc.

Authorship List “I-CARE Collaborator Group”

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