Ibd CAncer and seRious infection in Europe : I-CARE

The major European longitudinal, observational multicenter & prospective cohort study in IBD.

Patient researchers are the success of our I-CARE study.

Thanks to their dedication and their assiduity to provide us monthly information about their disease via online questionnaires (eDiaries), patients were the main actors in the building of a unique and major European database in IBD.

All collected data will allow us to assess prospectively the presence and the extent of safety concerns (cancers and serious infections risks) for anti-TNF or other biologic alone or in combination with thiopurines among IBD patients.

On behalf of I-CARE study team, we warmly thanks all patients as well as all our I-CARE partners who made to this unique project possible.

What does the final I-CARE cohort represent in a few figures ?

For the patients

patient researcher’s actors of this project
patients contacted for the study purposes
eDiaries sent to patients
eDiaries completed by patients

For the investigators

assessable patients
patient – years
0 %
of compliance in the ePRO completion
medical reports collected for the coding
0 %
of unresolved queries on Annual Summaries
An Annual summary is a recap of data collected along 12 months of follow-up coming from a patient's ePRO questionnaires. It is dedicated to investigators and serves for the control quality of data collection from patient declaration
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The I-CARE study required a contribution from all levels: patients, investigators, nurses, pharmaceutical partners, providers, and GETAID's logistics team
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First publications

The first publications about the I-CARE study are now available online.

Physicians tell you about I-CARE

Speakers : Filip Baert, Laurent Beaugerie, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Jean-François Rahier.

Subtitles available in the video settings.

Substudy project assessment

Main steps ?

  • Substudy submission

  • Executive Committee assessment

  • Methodology assessment

  • Form with minor/major comments

  • Presentation and SCI COM vote during international congress

Why ?

To ensure the high quality of I-CARE substudy projects.

Who ?

  1. Executive Committee : L.Peyrin-Biroulet, F. Baert, L. Beaugerie, JF. Rahier
    • To evaluate faisability with I-CARE database (with or without supplementary data).
    • To check overlap with I-CARE main objectives (independant project or in collaboration with Executive Committee to work in main objectives)
  2. Methodologic commitee : C. Baumann (I-CARE methodologist), H. Rousseau (I-CARE statistician)
    K. Kirchgesner (coding group referent), Executive Committee.

    • To validate project methodology (endpoint, statistical analysis plan, design)
    • To ensure compliance with I-CARE database

From the ICARE study’s database, any investigator can propose a new study project that is called a substudy.
Each substudy project is assessed and validated by the ICARE executive committee and methodology committee before starting.

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